It’s an exciting time in your household because you’ve decided to get a swimming pool next year. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Tipton, TN have tips for how to prepare for your 2022 pool project. There is also no time like the present to talk with us and begin planning for the new pool of your dreams.

You are looking forward to whiling away the hours next summer in your own pool. If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything is that you want to ensure your home is a staycation spot in case you can’t get out for a vacation or if your travel plans get canceled.

Having a swimming pool of your own is an investment in your property and in family fun, parties and healthy enjoyment together.

How to prepare for your 2022 pool project

Here are a few tips to get you started on your pool project and to know what questions to ask a potential pool contractor.

  • What did your friends and neighbors pay for their pool? Sure, that may seem like an intrusive question, but many people are happy to share that information.
  • Ask who they used for their pool contractor and whether they had a good experience and if they’d recommend you give them a call. Word of mouth is one of the best ways a contractor finds new clients.
  • Ask a pool contractor for insight into how much ongoing pool costs are and how much swimming pool maintenance costs.
  • Add a 10-15% budget padding to the price of the completed project in case there are unexpected delays or cost differences.
  • If you need to take out a loan for the project, plan for a two month lead time when you’re planning construction.
  • Know what the rules and regulations are for the specific municipality you live in — we can help with that
  • Know your budget before you give a pool contractor a call as he or she can help you get the pool of your dreams and they can help you achieve it.

Once you’ve done your homework, have your construction budget and your ongoing costs budget in mind, start looking for a pool contractor to help you realize your dream pool project.