Everybody into the pool! When you are ready to swim you need to know that your water is ready to swim in. Is the swimming pool water clean enough? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools Inc in Memphis, TN get asked all the time.

Clear-looking water doesn’t mean the water is free of bacteria. These microorganisms can wreak havoc on the water and on your body if you have any type of cut or a compromised immune system. When you take the swimming pool cover off, you want to make sure the water is clear. You also need to be aware that if you use a swimming pool cover — and we highly recommend it — you also need to make sure the cover is clean (no standing dirty water) before you pull it off.

You can use a skimmer with a long handle to remove debris like leaves or twigs. You may need to use a vacuum to get up dirt or dust because you don’t want that to fall into the water. Brush the cover down and get it as clean as you can so none of the dirt or debris gets into the pool water.

Is the swimming pool water clean enough?

The best way to ensure the pool water is clean for swimming is to test it with your water test kit. Fill the kit with pool water then use the test strips to test the water chemistry. Unbalanced water is a recipe for disaster for both you and your desire to swim and to the pool equipment itself. Also, if the pool water chemistry is tested frequently and if you add in the necessary chemicals when they are needed you will save money on pool maintenance and upkeep.

Vacuuming the pool, after you (or your swimming pool contractor has brushed down the walls, floor and behind the steps) will remove any of the bacteria and/or algae spores that might have been clinging to the pool water. Shock the pool water if the chemical balances are out of line and if you simply can’t get them back where they belong.

Shocking the pool means you add copious amounts of chlorine. This will super chlorinate the pool water and kill off bacteria and also help get the water chemistry back in balance.

Don’t be mislead by the look of clean water — algae doesn’t have to have turned the pool water a brackish color. Give us a call if you want a lesson on how to test and balance the water chemistry. We can also take care of ongoing swimming pool maintenance so you can enjoy yourself all summer long.