Swim season 2018 may be winding down but it’s time to look for a pool contractor for your 2019 project. Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool contractor schedules are not as full now as they were in the beginning of the summer and this means you can begin your project with him now and your pool will be constructed and ready for you next summer.

In many areas of the country, your pool contractor can start the project in early autumn and your pool will be constructed before winter sets in. Sure, you will have your pool built only to see it closed up and covered for the winter, but when next swim season rolls around you will only have to call on us, get a pool opening scheduled and viola — swim fun begins.

It’s time to look for a pool contractor for your 2019 project

In addition to choosing a pool contractor you will also want to choose a pool service contractor — they may be one and the same, but in some cases, they will be separate contractors. How will you find a trusted pool service and maintenance contractor to care for your brand new pool?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Ask your pool builder about “service after the sale” in the form of pool service. If he doesn’t, ask him whom he might recommend.
  2.  Do an online search for pool service contractors and check out their online references and their website and other social media presence available. Once you’ve done that, you still want to meet in person and talk with individuals who have worked with this contractor.
  3. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use and who they recommend. If you’re driving in your neighborhood and see a pool service truck, ask to speak with the “pool guy” and ask if he can give you an estimate for pool cleaning.

Do your due diligence when hiring a pool service contractor just as you did when you hired your pool contractor. You may want to take on the responsibility of pool maintenance on your own, but if you want to turn it over to a pro, start the research now — before summer gets into full swing.