Gone are the days when a sunburn or a “healthy” tan are looked at as being healthy. We have learned about the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA rays and know that we need to protect our skin and eyes from it. This is especially true when there are children — or pets in the family who will be around the pool. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care, Inc. has some thoughts on sunblocking pool accessories you should get this summer.

When you’re swimming on a sunny day, it is one of the best feelings in the world, right? Just make sure you’re doing it safely and that you’re using a waterproof sunblock that has a high enough UV protection number to keep you or your little ones from burning. Don’t forget to check on sunblock for your dog and slather pet-friendly sunblock on your fur baby’s nose and even all his or her skin if he is white or pale skinned.

Sunblocking Pool Accessories

Here are a few accessories you can invest in and have poolside that will help protect you from the sun.

  1. Umbrellas. Yep, simple and can be inexpensive. You can mix and match umbrellas, put them in the yard or through a hole in your table or even clamp them to the table or chairs.
  2. Plant some trees. This will not immediately help you, but planning for the future starts today.
  3. Install a gazebo
  4. Put up a tent
  5. Add awnings
  6. Build a pool house
  7. Sunblock and sunscreen — yes it’s so important we want to repeat it

Don’t let a sunburn put a damper on your summer swim fun. Give us a call and let’s look at unique ways to shade the pool from the rays of the summer sun while still not completely eliminating it from the mix!