Advanced Pools, Inc. pool builders serving the Memphis, TN area offer pool remodel ideas

Has your swimming pool been so well loved and oft-used that it could need a bit of a refresher in the form of a remodeling project? There are myriad reasons a swimming pool will need a remodel just as there are as many reasons you will want to have it remodeled even if it isn’t for any reason other than aesthetics.

If you think this is the year you will want to have your pool remodeled, talk with your pool builder from  Advanced Pools, Inc. when they pay a visit to service your pool. You can ask him or her for advice on what they feel might be necessary repairs or upgrades and you can also discuss what you’d like done for aesthetic reasons.

Here are five items you may want to consider when you talk with your Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool contractor:

  1. Add or upgrade your pool’s lighting. You can install lighting into the pool itself or you can upgrade the lighting in your outdoor living space.
  2. Adding a waterfall, fountain, sun shelves or even a beach entry or spa could breathe new life into your pool.
  3. Change the entire shape of your swimming pool. If you have the budget and the vision you can completely shake up the look of your swimming pool and this could be by adding a beach entry or taking it from a rectangle to a free form shape. If you just want a new look, but not a new shape upgrade your tiles add colors and textures to the walls, floor and deck.
  4. Be eco-friendly and add some “green” elements to the pool and its care. You can add a salt water chlorinator system to take the place of having to use chlorine all of the time. Upgrading and updating your pool equipment to more energy efficient models will help save you money on your pool operating expenses.
  5. Does your outdoor living space need to be updated? Do you even have an outdoor living space to speak of? Consider adding a gazebo, a deck, an area where your friends can spend time when they’re not swimming. If you have the budget, add a pool house or an outdoor kitchen.


Spend some time looking online or with your pool contractor to uncover interesting ways to upgrade and update your pool and pool area this summer.