Swimming is fun and it’s a great way to get in shape and spend time with your friends and family. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee work with homeowners to have the swimming pool constructed and also work with them on ongoing pool maintenance. They also have 3 water safety & swim lesson tips to help the time spent in the pool be even more fun!

Covid showed many families that they needed to find a way to have fun close to home — or only at home and having a swimming pool and learning to swim is the best way to have a staycation. Swimming is an exercise that people of almost every age and fitness level can enjoy.

In many areas of the country, schools teach swim lessons and there are also other ways to learn to swim — and you’re never too old to learn. You can take lessons in a community pool or you can hire a swim instructor to teach you in the comfort of your own swimming pool.

3 Water Safety & Swim Lesson Tips

  • Swimming pools should always come with “rules of the water.” That means those who are in the water need to have a healthy respect for it. Whether you’re in a pool, lake or pond safety always needs to be top of mind and the number one safety rule is to NEVER swim alone. Also, if you’re in a swimming pool and you can’t swim, you should wear a life vest and/or stay in the shallow end.
  • Ease yourself in: If you, or someone you know, don’t know how to swim, start off slowly. Once you’re in the shallow end, lower yourself little by little until you’re submerged up to your chest before going gently underwater. Hold onto the side of the swimming pool as you ease your way in and work up the nerve to put your head under water. Take a deep breath before you put your face in the water and take time to just get used to the feeling of the water on your face. Work your way up to holding onto the side of the pool, putting your face in the water and kicking your legs back so that you’re floating. Remember, if you can’t swim, never go in the pool — even in the shallow end, alone. Make sure someone is close by in case you run into any trouble.
  • Tread water: This can be a lifesaver. To learn this, grab onto the side of the pool then bend your knees. Start kicking your feet. When you feel comfortable, let go of the pool and keep your feet in motion as if you were climbing a mountain. Your hands should be at shoulder length apart and move them inward with your palms facing in, then push outward. Repeat this while you’re kicking your feet. Treading water is a way to keep your head above water and this is important if you ever get into trouble in the water.

Take baby steps when you’re learning to swim. Many people who have a bad experience with water don’t overcome that fear and they miss out on the health and fun benefits of swimming. Swim lessons are available for anyone of any age and if you don’t know how to swim, sign up for lessons.

Talk with us if you’re looking for a swimming pool for your family. We can pay a visit and talk about what you want in a pool so you have the best staycation you can!