Pool owners in the Fayette and Shelby Counties in Tennessee know this is the best time of year to give the pool renovation professionals at Advanced Pool Care a call to talk about a renovation project. There are 5 off-season pool renovations to start today so they are completed and your pool is ready for use when pool season 2023 comes around.

A renovation project can transform a well-loved, but aging, swimming pool into a newer-feeling luxury pool. Consider adding amenities or upgrading equipment to make the pool run more smoothly than it ever has. There are many restorations that are transformative when you want to upgrade your pool and breathe new life into it. Talk to us about suggestions we may have for a renovation and let us know what you want in your renovation or remodeling project.

5 off-season pool renovations to start today

  1. An aggregate pool plaster finish might be something to think about. These finishes and new pool plaster protects the concrete of your pool from damage and also make it more aesthetically appealing. Aggregate finishes add to the durability of the surfaces of your swimming pool and come in a variety of textures and colors – from crystal to pebble and quartz designs. These finishes can also extend the life expectancy of your pool finish by up to 20 years.
  2. Ask about the benefits of a salt water chlorinator system. These systems are a new wave in pool service technology, removing the need for the use of chlorine. One of the main benefits is convenience because these systems eliminate the need to store and manually apply chlorine. When the pool needs chlorine, the salt in the chlorinator is converted into chlorine through a simple chemical process. Chlorinators prevent itchy eyes and green hair by regulating their own chlorine levels.
  3. To upgrade the aesthetics and also safety of your pool, add fiber optic or LED lights. Colored fiber optic lights can light up your entire underwater swimming area. LED and fiber optics lights create a dynamic background for nighttime gatherings. Fiber optic lights can be installed at the bottom of the swimming pool or if you have a waterfall, consider adding lights to that area for a romantic effect. You could even have fiber optic and LED lights installed that come with a light board so you can change the colors and ambiance based on the mood of the evening.
  4. Want to make pool care easier? Add an electronic autofill device. Because your pool loses water through evaporation and through splashing and you need to keep it properly filled, this makes it easier. If water levels get too low the filters and pool pumps don’t function at peak levels and the electronic autofill device continually monitors water levels and fills it when needed.
  5. Add a natural stone deck or coping. Stone coping and patios add a luxurious style to your outdoor living area.  If you have a natural-look swimming pool, the use of natural stones can enhance the look of your pool area or you can use contrasting colors and styles to set the sections apart from one another. Natural stone makes a good choice, especially under the Arizona sun as they typically remain cooler to the touch.

There are many other items that can be considered for a swimming pool project – from the practical to the beautiful and anywhere in between. There may also be a need to upgrade your pool equipment because it’s old and inefficient and you should weigh the want-to haves with the must-haves when planning your pool reno.