Is it too hot to be bothered getting into the car and heading to a beach? Do you even live within driving distance of a beach? Why not get your own swimming pool? The pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee explain that paying for a pool is easier than it used to be. They offer 5 tips to pay for your swimming pool that won’t break the family budget.

Keep in mind that a pool project financing won’t end with the payback amount for the pool itself. You will need to budget for pool maintenance and increases in your utility bills as well.

When you work with us we will talk about the budget for your pool whether you’re looking at a dollar amount for the entire project or if you know what you can afford to pay back each month. We will help you determine how much pool you can get to stay within your budget. Don’t be disappointed when you have a $100,000 taste and only a $1,000 budget! Let’s work together to help you get the pool you and your family will have for decades.

5 tips to pay for your swimming pool

Here are things you need to know when financing a pool.

  1. What size and shape have you always dreamed of? That will help determine the construction material and that, in turn, will determine the cost.
  2. What accessories are must haves? Diving board? Heater? Spa? Beach entry? Fountains? The list goes on.
  3. There are cost associated with the construction that have nothing to do with the pool itself — increases in homeowner’s insurance, the fees for obtaining construction and licensing permits.
  4. The costs for those “hidden” items you never see, but you need. The pool pump and filter are two of the biggest that you will want to spend as much as you can to get the best, most energy efficient equipment possible because that will save you money in the long run.
  5. Ask whether the excavation and landscaping are included in the cost of the pool project or if it will be additional.

Keep in mind that a $100,000 budget may not always equate to having a $100,000 pool because that total budget needs to cover a lot of items that encompass the entire pool package. Once you have your pool, we can guarantee you will have a space in which to build memories for decades.