swimming pool contractorYour children have been begging for a swimming pool. You want one, but are you ready for a swimming pool? It’s not a decision to take lightly, Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool contractor say. It’s a big project with a big price tag and a big responsibility for cleaning, upkeep and safety.

Wanting a swimming pool and understanding the work and responsibility that goes with pool ownership needs to be considered before you take the plunge.

Are you ready for a swimming pool?

  1. Do you have the budget for a swimming pool project and its ongoing upkeep and maintenance as well as the increase to your home’s utility bills? The budget will determine the size, style and accessories of your pool.
  2. When will the project start? If you work with a pool contractor in the off-season aka autumn time not as much of a factor as it is if you start the project in the summer as you will lose valuable swim time.
  3. Do you have the time, desire and know-how to undertake pool maintenance tasks? How much do you know about pool chemistry and chemical balancing? If you don’t want to take on the task of maintenance, ask your pool builder for referrals to a trusted pool service professional. Remember, an improperly or poorly maintained pool and pool water costs more, and takes longer than one that has been maintained properly.
  4. What types of permits, rules and regulations are in place in the area of the country in which you live? You will  be working with your pool contractor to obtain all building permits before your pool construction can begin.
  5. Will a swimming pool enhance your property values? The addition of an in ground swimming pool typically will raise your property values – this can be good for you and is a selling point if you’re looking to move in the future.

Talk with us so you can gain an understanding of the costs involved in a pool construction project, talk to your family and get on your way toward owning your own pool.