When you buy a home, it’s an exciting time especially if you want to have a swimming pool constructed at your new home. You need to ask yourself – before you sign on the dotted line for your pool –can you have a pool built at your new house? Don’t automatically believe you can, or you may be disappointed, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. the best pool builders in Memphis, TN say.

If you have your heart set on a pool, and if you aren’t certain whether your backyard is large enough and if the regulations where you’re moving allow for it – ask a local pool contractor for advice.

Can you have a pool built at your new house?

Here are some questions to ask a local pool contractor who understands the regulations for construction.

  1. Is the yard large enough to accommodate the type pool you want?
  2. Is there enough space for a deck and outdoor living area?
  3. Is your yard private enough that when you’re swimming the neighbors aren’t watching?
  4. Is your yard construction friendly for the heavy equipment needed for the project?
  5. Is there enough space to accommodate the setbacks required while still allowing for the safety fence?

If you have had your mind set on a huge or a vanishing edge or other unique pool, will your new yard accommodate that? Or will you have to settle for a pool and not the pool of your dreams?

Remember, you will probably spend as much time around the pool as you do in the pool and you need to plan for a patio or other outdoor living space so you can relax when you’re not swimming.

Have you always dreamed of an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub or spa as part of the project? Talk with a potential pool contractor and have him plot that out for you so you can see if it will be feasible.