Not all hot tub jets are created equally nor do all hot tub jets provide the same therapeutic benefits. When it comes to choosing the best hot tub jets for your needs, it will require you sitting in a hot tub and testing them out before you buy.

Are you buying a hot tub simply for relaxation? Do you want a hot tub to help you recover from an injury? Is the hot tub soak a time to ease muscle aches and pains from inflammation or arthritis? Or do you want a hot tub for a combination of any or all of these?

The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee offer tips and advice to help assure you’re getting the best hot tub, and hot tub jets — as well as placement of them — for your needs.

Choosing the best hot tub jets for your needs

Slipping into a hot tub for a soak is relaxing and enjoyable from the get-go BUT these heated and jetted structures help with a myriad of ailments or soothing aches and pains. When you’re shopping for a hot tub, here are a few things you will need to consider:

Where will it be situated?

How big will it be?

How much seating do you need?

What shape do you want?

These are ideal questions to begin with and to make a difference, but it is the jets that make the biggest difference.

Jet styles determine the force with which the water is pushed out, whether it’s a concentrated stream or a wider stream, pulsating or steady. Different jets provide different types of massage effects that can be relaxing and/or therapeutic.

Consider this when choosing jets:

  • Will you want a constant stream of bubbles that will provide a soothing, all-over massage? Air jets provide the lightest of pressure and are considered more relaxing than therapeutic.
  • Mini  jets provide a precisely-targeted intense stream of water and can be used to target specific areas of the body. A cluster of mini jets provide a strong stream of water to target sore or injured areas.
  • Oscillating  jets bring with it a wave-like motion that are believed to provide relief backaches.
  • Pulsating streams olf water dig down deep into your muscles and are sometimes used with rotating or spiral jets for an overall therapeutic impact.
  • Swirling jets provide a gentle massaging action. Some of these jets allow you to adjust the pressure of the water that comes from the jets.
  • Whirlpool jets have large, round openings and are typically used in hydrotherapy treatment pools. These jets concentrate water pressure on specific areas  of the body and provide deep massage.

Plan to spend time in a hot tub when you’re shopping for one. You need to get the best jets for your personal use as well as getting them placed where they need to be in order to provide the relief you require. Let us know your reasons for wanting a hot tub and we can help you choose the best jets.