There’s nothing worse than planning a pool party or a barbecue with friends and family and realizing you don’t have enough electrical outlets to accommodate. Do you have enough electrical outlets around the swimming pool and in the outdoor kitchen and patio area?

If you’ve had your first summer and know you need more outlets before the next summer season, now is the time to talk with the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. about whether, and where, to put new outlets. Your pool contractor may be able to do the wiring for you or he will recommend someone who can.

Do you have enough electrical outlets?

A dearth of outlets could be definitely limiting to some of your outdoor activities and you certainly never want to run extension cords as they are a trip hazard. Having enough outlets may also help you get more use out of the outdoor living space — and that’s what summer is about — being out of doors.

Here are some reasons to have additional outlets installed.

  1. If it’s too hot, a misting system is ideal for cooling you down.
  2. If it’s cool at night you can use the outlet to plug in a heater.
  3. Add more lighting to enhance the night time aesthetics. Lights are safer than burning candles. Solar lights are ideal, but they may not be as bright as you wish and that may mean it’s too dark to play board games.
  4. If you have an outdoor kitchen you will be able to run the necessary appliances or an entertainment system.

What do you need or want additional outlets for? Where do you need them? Give the layout and number of them some thought then give us a call and let’s take a look at your needs and get your electrical work done before summer.