Is today warm enough to swim? Will tomorrow or next week be the time for a dive into the family swimming pool? Have you scheduled a pool opening? If you haven’t given the pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. a call you may be waiting to swim in your Memphis, Tennessee pool longer than you may want to!

We don’t ever truly know when the warm weather is here to stay. You do know that you don’t want to miss any precious swim days just because you didn’t get on our schedule for a pool opening, right? If you have ever had to wait while all your friends and family were already swimming, you know how annoying that can be!

If you are determined to get as many days in the pool as you can, give us a call today and let’s schedule a time for the pool opening. You don’t have to swim if it’s too cold, but you can certainly have all the equipment reattached, the filters put back in the pump tested and the pool refilled and the chemicals balanced. THEN when it is time to holler, “everyone into the pool!” you can!

Personal preference certainly plays a role in swimming pool openings and some pool owners have a set date in mind and that is what they stick with. Other pool owners want to be in the water as soon as they can to kick off the new year! Remember the sooner it’s open and the longer it will be open the more your investment in pool cleaning and utility bills will play a role.

Have you scheduled a pool opening?

The opening of the swimming pool is more fun and causes more anticipation than that end of season closing! That’s the reason you may want to determine when you want it open and whether you’re waiting for a certain number of predicted warm days to happen before you make the decision.

Here are a few considerations — especially helpful for new pool owners.

  1. Do you have a pool heater? That could make the difference between an early opening or a later one
  2. What is your budget for pool maintenance and utility bills
  3. Do you live in a climate that the weather changes with the snap of your fingers and one day it’s cold, the next it’s warm? If that’s the case, call us today!
  4. Are you worried about getting on our calendar for an opening?
  5. Freezing nights matter! Even if it’s warm during the day, if the temperatures are dropping below freezing at night it could wreak havoc with the pool.

The pool opening date is your personal preference, you just want to make sure our calendar is open when your personal preference rolls around! Give us a call and get on our calendar today!