If you ask how to acid wash a swimming pool, your pool contractor will likely tell you it is a job for a pool pro. Of course, a DIY pool owner could take on the task, but it is a delicate job and you want to make certain the acid doesn’t get into the pool and contaminate the water and unbalance the chemicals.

The reason for an acid wash of a gunite swimming pool deck is typically done when there is pitting the deck is dingy or stained. Chlorine or an acid wash brightens the pool up and makes it look new.

Swimming pools that had been overtaken by algae bloom may require an acid wash because the algae and bacteria can discolor the gunite and make it unsightly. A chlorine wash is a preventative measure undertaken for the health of your pool and your swimmers. A chlorine wash, which should be done every couple of years, keeps the pool’s mineral levels at normal ranges.

How to acid wash a swimming pool

Hard water or water that has hardness levels exceeding 700-800 parts per million, means your pool runs the risk of calcium deposit build-up and those can clog the filtration system and pipes and negatively impact the efficiency of the pool equipment.

Acid or chlorine washes bring the pool back to a look of newly installed beauty without putting too big a dent in your wallet.

Having a swimming pool contract for regular upkeep and maintenance means your pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care will notice when the plaster is getting stained and in need of a wash. He may need to drain the water with a submersible pump to do the task. Your swimming pool contractor uses muriatic acid to clean the gunite. He or she will pour the acid down the walls and into the bottom of the pool. The pool will be acid washed one section at a time until the entire pool has been washed.

The process removes organic stains, metallic stains and calcium deposits.  Unlike a chlorine wash, an acid wash removes a thin layer of the pool plaster.

Give us a call and let’s make an appointment to look at your pool and see if it’s time to acid wash it to restore it to its original beauty.