Algae loves to grow and it does thrive in places where it is left alone. If an algae spore or hundreds of them are nestled into the swimming pool steps and into the nooks and crannies — especially if you have a gunite pool they are just waiting for that perfect storm (unbalanced water, still water and sunshine) in order to bloom. We have tips on how to clean the swimming pool steps between pool service visits to ensure algae doesn’t take over your pool!

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee explain that they do clean the steps thoroughly when they are performing a service visit. The pool steps are also a priority when we close and open the pool because we understand that no one wants to deal with algae or bacteria growth.

How to clean the swimming pool steps

Here are at least three of the times that we will clean your pool steps (although we still brush and vacuum them during service visits)

  1. The water level should be lowered and then the steps will be scrubbed with a brush. The brush will remove dirt, algae and other materials that may have taken hold. Your pool contractor will vacuum up any large pieces of debris that are dislodged
  2. A pool cleaner will then be applied to the steps. The cleaner will usually be attached to your pool skimmer and will work with brushes and suction to remove any other dirt.
  3. Robotic cleaners are also ideal for cleaning swimming pool steps and if you have one of these devices, you can simply place the robot on the pool steps and it will do the work for you. Although your swimming pool service contractor advises that a thorough cleaning and water chemical balancing is necessary after this type of cleaning as it can wreak havoc with the balances.

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