Did you know that, on average, most people move once every seven years? If you’re thinking of moving, have recently moved or know of friends or family who are, or have, moved, did you wonder how to increase the resale value of your home? One way to do that, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee say you can do that is by having a pool added.

While not every pool at every home will increase its resale value, but if you live in an area where your neighbors and the comparable homes in your area have pools and your house doesn’t you may lose out on a potential sale. If no one in your area has a pool it could be a double-edged sword; maybe no one wants one OR it could give your home a distinct edge when selling. A real estate agent could give you insight into the benefits or drawbacks of having a pool constructed.

In many areas, the construction of a high quality swimming pool could increase the value of your home — at resale — by up to 15%. This resale value is for inground pools – not above ground models. Again, though, you need to know your unique area and the unique real estate market to determine whether the money spent on a pool project would increase the value of your home enough to warrant the expense.

How To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home

Keep in mind not all potential swimming pool owners go into the project with the idea of selling their home front of mind. People want swimming pools for the beauty and enjoyment they provide. If you know you will be eventually selling your home, here are some points to consider when working on a pool construction project.

  1. What kind of pool is best suited for your unique yard and landscape?
  2. Do you want a swimming pool to enjoy right now? Are you only looking at it as an investment in a future sale? If you’re only looking at a pool project for resale value and don’t want to swim or enjoy it you’re spending an awful lot of money in the interim and in ongoing increases in utilities and for pool care.
  3. Are pools the norm where you live? Is it expected by new owners that a pool will be part of the package?
  4. Ask us what shapes and styles are typical for your area. Also ask us for insight on poolside landscaping and outdoor living space amenities.
  5. If resale isn’t front of mind and if you know you won’t be living in that home for long BUT you still want a pool, consider getting an above ground swimming pool. They are less expensive, but just as enjoyable as a more costly inground pool.

Go into a swimming pool project with your eyes open and with a clear idea as to why you want to be a swimming pool owner. It is a project that comes with a rather large price tag and ongoing costs for upkeep, maintenance and increased utility bills.