When you have a swimming pool you don’t need too many tips on how to throw a Labor Day pool party because the pool IS the party! Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee about making certain your pool is Labor Day party ready.

We know that much has changed when it comes to hosting friends and family because of the COVID19 pandemic, but if you decide to throw a small gathering following your local and state social distancing and gathering guidelines, here are ways to have the best end of summer party!

How to throw a Labor Day pool party

  1. Send out invitations. You can call, text, email or send invitations in the mail
  2. Decide whether you want a theme or if you just want it to be laid back
  3. What will be on the menu? Plan it and if your guests ask, “what can I bring” give them options from the menu or just let them “bring whatever you want!”
  4. Stock up on sunblock for the guests
  5. Get some flip flops from a local bargain store for those who forgot any shoes for walking around if they don’t want to be barefoot
  6. Ask guests to bring towels, but have extras on hand for those who don’t.
  7. String a clothesline to drape wet towels over so they can dry in the sun
  8. Plan some in-pool activities and out of the pool games
  9. Have enough seating areas for guests who just want to lounge poolside

Make sure you also give us a call for an after-pool party water cleaning and maintenance visit. Having more swimmers than usual in your pool can lead to water that could be out of balance with its chemistry. You may also be thinking about the closing of your pool for the season and we can talk about that too.