If you’re new to swimming pool ownership and even swimming pool lingo, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee offer an inground swimming pools 101 article.

Whether you have an indepth knowledge about swimming pools or if you’re a complete novice and your only knowledge of swimming pools is the fact that you have swum in one, we can help you put together a project that will last a lifetime.

You and your family and friends probably all have different ideas about the ideal pool for your family. You will need to be clear with your pool contractor about your budget for the project, the accessories you want, the size you may want, the building material and more. You don’t have to know everything that you want, but you do want to know whether you want a round pool, a rectangle, a large pool or a small pool, a hot tub or a diving board and more. There are probably items you simply cannot live without in your pool and other items that are negotiable.

To help with some of the decisions and choices you will be faced with, we have this 101-type article on pools.

Inground swimming pools 101

Start with the building materials:

  1. Concrete aka gunite — is the most expensive, but the longest-lasting and the most flexible with design.
  2. Fiberglass pools are long lasting, algae resistant and require fewer chemicals to keep clean. It is limited in its style because the fiberglass pool is prefabricated (think bathtub)
  3. Vinyl liner pools are the least expensive of the construction materials but they are prone to rips and tears. They do offer options for color and design, but the shape may not be as flexible as a concrete pool.

Will you want to clean the pool with traditional chemicals and chlorine or do you want a salt water swimming pool and a salt water chlorinator?

Will you use your entire pool budget to get the biggest swimming pool for your money or will you cut back on the size in order to have some of the accessories and upgrades of your dreams.

How will you use the pool? Parties? Swimming laps? A combination? Will you want to devote your entire yard to the pool or do you want yard space? Does your budget include money in it for an outdoor living area, a deck or other upgrades? You will want to talk with us about all of these items (and more) to get a feeling for your finished project.