Just when you think it’s safe to go out of your house, COVID-19 comes back. Even in the midst of a coronavirus lock down you can still get ready and start planning the best pool party of the summer. The coronavirus can’t be spread through a swimming pool and while you may need to social distance, it might be time to plan a small pool party or at least have a fun pool party for your family.

There is no better way to beat boredom than to throw a party or to treat your family as though they’re being invited to a party even if it’s right out the backdoor.

You may want to give your children the reins and let them run with planning a pool party and you can simply show up as a guest! See what they can do and let them have fun doing it. Why not?

Planning the best pool party of the summer

Here are tips you can share with your children to give them some guidance on planning a pool party for you. Sure you may need to pick up some party supplies but challenge them to make do with supplies from inside the house. Some of these tips work if you’re inviting guests and others work for just family or guests.

  1. Ask guests to bring their own towels, but have extras on hand for those who forget theirs. String a clothesline so guests can hang their towels up to dry between swimming.
  2. Put out a bucket filled with sunscreen aloe, chapstick, sunglasses, flip flips and even a hat or two. Keep your guests from getting a sunburn.
  3. Clean the pool prior to the party. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee have been constructing and cleaning pools during the pandemic.
  4. Plan a light menu and/or ask guests to bring their favorite picnic treat. You don’t want to be stressing for days with food prep nor do you want to be cooking the day of.
  5. Use disposable plates, cups, utensils and more so you’re not looking at a lot of clean up afterwards.
  6.  If you have a pool house it’s a great place for guests to change into and out of suits. If you don’t then make sure the guest bathroom or a guest bedroom is available.
  7. Get the chairs out! If you don’t have too many chairs you may want to ask guests to BYOC (bring your own chair!) Blankets are a great substitute to chairs.
  8.  Turn on the tunes. Music will set the mood and can also lead to spontaneous dancing!
  9. When the sun goes down, bring out the citronella candles and bug repellant.
  10. Don’t forget to have lighting to light the night and the walkway and the pool to keep the party going.
  11.  You can decorate in a beach theme or other theme that you enjoy or you can simply kick back and enjoy without decorations.
  12. Make up a party mix for your iPod or stereo and set it up in the pool area so your guests can have some background music.
  13. If children are coming to the party — or even for the adults — plan in the pool and out of pool activities including volleyball, Maro Polo, croquet, badminton, bocce ball and others.
  14.  Call us to schedule an after-the-pool party cleaning and maintenance visit.

Here’s hoping the day of your party dawns bright and sunny. Just in case you may want to plan a back up date for it. Enjoy!