Is a spa pool right for you? What is a spa pool, you ask? They are water filled structures that are more spa than pool, but are a combination of the two designs. Swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools have been working with homeowners in recent years to install these structures and have found them ideal for small families, older adults with no children in the home or spa poolthose who simply don’t want to give up their yards for a full sized swimming pool.

Why should you install a spa pool? Here are some thoughts from pool contractors in Knoxville, TN for your consideration:

  • What kind of finish do you want? Granite and marble are popular choices. Be prepared to be awed by the myriad color choices and patterns that are available. You may also opt for a textured stone finish rather than a smooth surface.
  • A luxury swim spa wouldn’t be complete without the installation of underwater LED lighting. These lights add to the romance and ambiance of your pool spa and are ideal as well for evening entertaining. 
  • Your spa will feature jets and you can choose from various different types that will provide different health benefits — soothing jets to massage to jets that can provide “medical grade” therapeutic benefits. The type and placement of the jets are a very personal choice so you should be prepared to actually sit in a spa and determine the types of jets you’d prefer for your pool spa. 
  • Ask your contractor about the addition of air injectors to provide aromatherapy benefits as you enjoy your soothing soak. 
  • To complete the atmosphere, consider adding a sound system or television entertainment type center. Ask also about adding a refrigerator or a heated towel rack near the structure. 

Is a spa pool right for you and your lifestyle?