There is nothing worse than planning to use the hot tub only to go out and be stopped short. Why is the hot tub water moldy? This is definitely not what you’d imagined! The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Advanced Pool Care, serving Memphis, TN talk with their customers all the time about what causes mold, how to get rid of it, but more importantly how to prevent it.

There are a few scenarios that could lead to mold in the hot tub and we’re going to talk about it. Remember, if you’re ready to use your swimming pool or hot tub and need a service visit — pool contractors are considered essential businesses and we can come and care for your pool. The contractors at Advanced Pools, follow all health guidelines and do our best o protect both our crew and you.

Why is the hot tub water moldy?

What comes first the mold or the clogged pipes? Actually mold can cause clogged pipes and pipes that are clogged with debris can lead to mold growth — kind of like the chicken and the egg, right?

Algae could have been infiltrating the hot tub plumbing and that — while admittedly rare — can lead to mold in the water. Plumbing that is dirty can lead to a whole host of water sanitation issues and bring bacteria into the water.

How does the mold get in? 

Mold usually gets into the water through dirty pipes or of mold spores or dirt drop in from the cover into the water. It doesn’t take much for mold spores to form on the underside of the hot tub cover; it is the perfect storm of water droplets and heat — that is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Ask us how to thoroughly and safely clean the underside of the hot tub cover so the mold doesn’t grow. Safely, because you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals that will be dripped back into the hot tub water.

Plan to clean the hot tub cover at least monthly. When you’re cleaning it, allow it to thoroughly dry before you put it back on — that may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Clean it then let it air try in the hot sun. Spray on a mold inhibitor once the cover is thoroughly cleaned.

If the water gets moldy, you may need to call on the services of a professional pool contractor to address it. Don’t soak in the hot tub until the mold has been addressed and the water is clean and sanitary and the pool chemicals balanced.